Service / RMA

All desktop PCs from Iwill is delivered with three-year warranty, our servers and workstations are provided with five-year warranty. Notebooks are supplied with two year warranty (6 mo. Of the battery). Our storage solutions (Infortrend and Arena Maxtronic) are provided with three-year warranty. For contract customers may want to provide on-site service if it would be necessary.

Components are delivered to the manufacturer's warranty (from one year to lifetime warranty). See also our purchase terms for further information. If you have questions or need help with our products, please contact us on MSN, the address is (General MSN address for sales and service), or by email - it would be desirable, we can also provide remote support through such TeamViewer.

In case of any fault with any of our products and you must have to return it for service, please fill out our service / return form submitted together with your product. Remember to contact us before submitting a product, when often the problem can be solved without the need to submit the product.

                                                                - RETURN FORM -

When you submit a product you must ensure that the product is securely packaged and will not be exposed to further damage caused by transportation.

You are solely responsible for the safe transportation of the product to us! Remember that you are responsible for backup of data before submitting a computer / storage device to us and you are responsible for securing your data in the product life cycle! 

Iwill Norway AS is not responsible for indirect losses due to missing, unless the loss is caused by gross negligence or intent from Iwill Norway AS page.