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Iwill Norge AS was established in 2006, as the agent / service partner for Iwill Computer Corp.. (Taiwan) in the EU. The focus was the sale of HPC solutions geared to the SMB market, where computing power was the primary need. In addition, it worked to provide various OEM solutions to the various organs of the EU such as universities and others who need customized solutions (among other dual CPU motherboard with 2 x HTX).

After Iwill Corp.. was acquired by American / Sinhalese Flextronics selected parts of Iwills management in Taiwan to switch to other companies, which led us was released and found it natural to continue the cooperation with our former colleagues in Taiwan in their new respective companies / employers (IBAS , Jetway, TYAN, etc.).

Over time, the range also extended to the storage of such Infortrend, inXtron (MacPower) and Arena Maxtronic to meet the need for storage in all price ranges. The focus is stability, compatibility and especially performance!

At the same time, we started with the distribution of Jetway IPC products to the Nordic market, where you finally be able to offer solutions that could be easily expanded and adapted to each customer's needs when it had to be the COM, LAN, GPIO, LVDS encounter mm. We have worked with Jetway since 2007 and has gained good experience with their products and solutions.

We offer a wide range of IPC (ITX mm) solutions, either as components or fully assembled, adapted to customer needs, from simple passive AMD Geode boxes to 1U RACK solutions with dual motherboard. We stock mostly from NAS to the routers based on the Jetway ITX solutions.

On the HPC side, we have a good selection of both AMD and Intel solutions, from Dual to Quad and Octal solutions. Everything is customized customer's needs and budget, delivered ready to use! In addition, we have storage solutions tailored for every budget, from simple NAS to iSCSI / Fiber solutions.

For digital signage, we offer several solutions, including from inXtron and our own developed nano solution, designed around AMD's Geode CPU (with support for WLAN and 3G ba) that can be delivered in a 100% passive configuration.

For regular desktop PCs, we have a wide range of models from simple office machines to powerful multimedia computers, all with the ability to customize its configuration to what the customer might desire.

All our solutions come tested and configured to customer needs, we have free support and provide on-site service contract customers. In addition, we offer MSN and remote support for those customers who may need support for our products.

Our solutions are installed in our premises on Skøyen in Oslo, where everything is tested for a minimum of 24 hrs. before dispatch. Production takes place with hedge against static electricity (mats on the floor and tables, plus gloves, where everything is in accordance with 3M's regulations). All machines are marked with model number, specifications, production date and tests performed.

We select our products based on criteria;
- Quality 
- Stability 
- Performance 
- Support (From manufacturer) 

Our philosophy is that the four above criteria is wealth so important that "brand" - the four criteria are met, we can stand in for the products we deliver! We do not choose products into the water from what is popular in the market at any given time (and accompanying frequent supplier changes), but are betting on long-term cooperation and a good dialogue with our suppliers to provide our customers the best product!

Of the components we use
AMD (boxed CPU)
Intel (boxed motherboard, CPU, SSD, and network)
Kingston (Memory)
Jetway (Motherboards, Barebones, IO)
TYAN (Motherboards, Barebones)
Areca (Controllers)
LSI (Controllers)
Corsair (Power supplies)
Lian-Li (Chassis)
Infortrend (Storage)
Western Digital (Hard Drives)
EIZO (Monitors)
EXSYS / Cento (IO)

Our products are sold both through our dealers and our online store. We supply to both public and private sectors at home and abroad with a solid reference list!

For those who may need to lease we can offer this in collaboration with De Lage Landen (formerly IT Finance).

Do you need a solution that you can't find on our website or need a custom solution, contact us and we'll help you as best as possible - it costs nothing to ask!

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